Job Club is an assessment and career guidance organisation that provides quality assessment for the above mentioned conditions. We have good understanding of the needs of individuals in the workplace. Our network of educational and neuropsychologists, career guidance specialists and rehabilitation managers will ensure that you receive help to find a satisfying occupation, suitable training or appropriate level of support. We also work with care managers, families and solicitors to improve the quality of life for people whose injuries have made it difficult to remain in employment.

Chartered Psychologist with 15 years experience of individual and group assessment leads the multi-disciplinary team. Whether you are a parent, an employee, HR manager, care sector manager or lawyer, our aim is to design and implement programmes that identify and meet the needs of each of our client. We also provide you with online resources that helps you to make better decision and that enhances the quality and speed of delivery of our services to you.

Information about our Career assessment and Evaluation Service
The Job Club provides a service of career guidance, assessment and evaluation.This service also include psychometric analysis and evaluation, . . .
We provide this service to our client by a business procedure as explain in the following:






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